Common Pool Repairs in Maryland

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Is your pool lining giving you trouble? It may be time for pool repairs to restore the beauty and benefits of your Maryland pool. 

While pools are not one of the most DIY friendly parts of any home, it is useful for every pool owner to know the basics when it comes to pool repair. Being able to effectively diagnose pool problems and know your way around pool maintenance tactics can prove truly invaluable when making sure that your pool is primed for summer fun. Read on to learn more about the most common pool repairs in Maryland. 

Pump Motor Issues

These are perhaps the most common of required pool repairs. The pump motor is amongst the most complex of pool machinery and has the most moving parts, so it only makes sense that it would be the source of some of the most common pool maintenance requirements. A pump motor functioning less than optimally can actually negatively affect the water that runs through an entire pool, as the water will not be heated, circulated, or filtered properly without it.  

Tears In The Lining Of The Pool  

The pool’s lining is what keeps its water inside of it, so it is important to care for it with regular pool maintenance. Small tears can be patched up if caught early, but large ones require for the entire lining to be replaced. Having an expert inspect it regularly will prevent large tears and expensive pool repairs, allowing you to get the most out of your pool.

Pool Filter Issues

Generally changing the filter regularly is all you will have to do to avoid pool repairs relating to your filter. If your filter is working less than optimally, changing the cartridge or cleaning the filter should do the trick. If this regular pool maintenance does not fix your filter problems, it is definitely time to call in an expert.

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