How to Clean Your Spa Filter

spa filter

You need that filter for very delicate chemical balances.  There are several methods for filter cleaning, and you may have to search around to find which one is right for you.

You should be replacing your spa filter every year, due to the hard work it does.  And with that hard work comes the need for frequent cleaning.  You may find this to be a pain, but letting a filter stay dirty is one of the worst decisions you can make for the quality of the water in your spa.  You need that filter for very delicate chemical balances, and also, debris-free water in general!  There are several methods for filter cleaning, and you may have to search around to find which one is right for you.  Let’s list a few of them for you to start with!

Garden Hose

This is a much more regular practice that needs to be done frequently in order to keep your filter running efficiently.  It gets rid of larger debris, like leaves and bugs.  Removing these blockages is very important.  Try as best you can to remove most of the discoloration and dirt from the filter–there are special spa hose nozzles that can be bought at hardware stores that are meant for cleaning spa filters.  Try them out and keep up this practice very often!

Overnight Cleaners

Every 2-3 months, you can give your filter an overnight bath in some store-bought filter cleaner.  Professional cleaners are meant to open the pores of the filter sheets, washing out the dirt and hard-to-remove oils that a hose would not be able to wash out.  Leaving the filter overnight ensures that there’s absolutely no residue left behind.  Make sure you rinse off the filter with clean water before you put it back in your spa.

DIY Solutions

There are many household items that can be used to clean a filter, though they may be less efficient than a professional solution.  An example would be bleach, but make sure it’s very diluted; a ration of 1:20 should be perfect.  You could also use vinegar or even dish soap.  Both of these will do the job enough for your filter to stay functional–however, make sure you’re thoroughly washing your filter off with water after each cleaning.  Residual solution could tamper with your spa’s chemical balance and even cause a safety hazard.

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