How To Clean Your Hot Tub

If  you have a spa or plan on installing a spa in your home, then it is crucial to keep it clean. This article will provide you information on how to keep your spa clean. Read below to learn how to clean your tub

Hot tub spas are becoming extremely popular to have in modern day homes. It is an excellent way to relieve you of daily mental and physical stress. A hot tub spa is capable of relaxing tensed muscles. Contrary to belief, a hot tub spa is not very expensive to install or maintain. Hot tub spas can last for years, if properly cleaned and maintained.

You should clean and maintain your hot tub spa in the following ways:

Never use oil or soap products to clean your hot tub. These products often have ammonia-based ingredients that create unwanted bubbles in your spa. Do not use regular household cleaning liquids as well.

Rinse Bathing Suits after washing your clothes so that soap residues do not enter your spa accidentally because bathing suits were not fully washed.

Tell all people who want to enjoy your hot tub spa, to remove cosmetics before entering the spa. You do not want these foreign products entering your clean hot tub spa.

Use sponges that absorb oil to keep your hot tub spa filters clean. You can clean sponges capturing oil by squeezing and rinsing the oil out of them with clean water.

Be sure to check the pH value and alkalinity regularly in your spa water. Do it once a week. Do the test when you add new water as well. By doing these simple tasks you can keep your skin and hot tub protected from chemical imbalances that could be lurking in your water, if not properly cleaned.

With these tips, you can guarantee your hot tub will be comfortable and clean for years to come! Install your hot tub spa today with Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders, LLC.

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Source: How To Keep Your Spa Clean

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