Why You Need A Hot Tub Cover

Do you have a hot tub or are you installing one? If yes to one of the above, then you need a hot tub cover as well. This article will provide you information on why you need a hot tub cover and how to choose a hot tub cover.hot tub

The Reason You Need A Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is important to have with your hot tub for health and safety. One reason you need a hot tub cover is to protect your hot tub from impurities.  You do not want leaves, trash and insects to make your hot tub a toxic environment. You will definitely need a hot tub cover, especially if your hot tub is located outdoors.

Another important reason you need a hot tub cover is to protect children and pets from drowning in your hot tub. A hot tub cover will make your hot tub more secure if children and pets are nearby and unattended. The hot tub cover is heavy and makes it challenging for small children and pets to lift the cover without the help of an adult.

Also a hot tub cover is important to have for your hot tub because a cover can help retain the tub’s heat. This means you will not need to use as much electricity to heat you tub, which will save you money on maintenance costs.

Now, we will tell you how to choose the appropriate hot tub cover for your hot tub.

Information on Choosing A Hot Tub Cover

When choosing the right type of hot tub cover for your lifestyle, you need to consider size, material, children, R-value and warranties. Here is what you need to know about each of the above:


Ask the manufacturer and the hot tub cover dealer what is the best size for your hot tub. It is better to be to safe than sorry.


Hot tub covers are made from different materials. No matter of your material choice, be sure that the material is mildew resistant.


If you have children in your home, purchase a heavy cover. If you do not have children in the home or likely to ever have children visitors to your home, an easier-access model is suitable.


A hot tub cover has insulating capabilities. For the best insulation capabilities follow the R-value rule – the higher the R-value of a hot tub, the better.


Always be cautious of your warranty. Clean your hot tub every month. Unzip your hot tub cover every two months to allow your hot tub to breathe.

With these tips, you can guarantee your hot tub will be comfortable, clean and safe for years to come! Install your hot tub spa today with Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders, LLC.

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Source: Why You Need A Hot Tub Cover And How To Choose One

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