Preventing Drownings in your Maryland Swimming Pool

Swimming pool safety should always be a top priority in swimming pool design. During the off season, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare your swimming pool for the warm weather months.
Maryland Swimming pools are made for fun and thrills. You should see it as a wonderful escape from your daily stress.
Swimming pool safety is a must for infants, young children and adults alike. It can be the decision maker  of life and death.
Recently the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that 70% of children that drown are under 5 years of age.
A pool safety fence and other swimming pool safety precautions should be set in place  around and within your swimming pool.
Children don’t have a good comprehensions of how to sense danger.

Here is how you can kiddie proof your swimming pool to prevent accidental drownings:

– Always have at least two adults supervise the pool. Children should never swim by themselves.

-Clear the pool of toys when not in use because it may tempt children to go to the pool to reach a toy and injure themselves. This is when a pool fence comes in handy because it can secure the pool area and make it only accessible when opened by an adult. The pool gate should always be liked when not in use.
– Teach all adult supervisors infant and child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Also provide life saving equipment near the pool area for easy accessibility.
– Always teach children to swim. It’s a valuable lifesaving skill. They should know how to float, kick and hand stroke. Breathing techniques and breath holding should be mastered as well. Children can start swimming lessons as early as 6 months.
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