Staying Safe While Night Swimming

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Night swimming can be dangerous if you don’t take appropriate safety measures.

While having a pool is great during the day, when the sun is hot overhead and the water is cool and refreshing, one of the true unsung joys of pool ownership is night swimming. Swimming in your pool at night still reaps all of the wonderful benefits of day swimming – low-impact exercise, peaceful relaxation – but it also is a unique experience in its own right. Swimming under the stars, with or without the ambiance of a pool light, is magical. But you also have to make sure that you’re being safe during your nighttime pool parties. Read on for some night swimming safety tips. 

Safe Furniture

The furniture that you have around your pool should be safe and sturdy, regardless of the time of day that you do most of your swimming. However, specifically at night, you especially want stuff that is not prone to tipping over and doesn’t have legs that stick out as a tripping hazard. The color of the furniture should also be a consideration. All black may look chic, but at night it will look like nothing, and people may hurt themselves walking into it.


Similar to furniture, pool toys and accessories that are hard to see at night can be dangerous. If you need or want to have pool toys in the pool for your night swim, consider investing in ones that glow in the dark, or incorporate glow sticks (you can wrap glow sticks around your pool noodles to make them visible in the dark). 

Limit Food and Drink

If you have food at your pool party, try to keep it limited to stuff that won’t make a slippery mess if it spills. You should also limit the amount of glassware and other breakable items that you allow to be poolside – especially during the night, when it will be easier to knock them over and break them and harder to completely clean them up. 

Lots Of Light

The best way to make swimming at night safer is to have lots of light in and around your pool. If you know that you’re going to do lots of night swimming, invest in a pool light that illuminates your pool from beneath the surface. You should also have a flood light installed that can brightly illuminate the entire pool area in case of emergency – in if you don’t keep it on most of the time. Finally, lining paths with solar lights is a great way to make sure that people know where to walk without having to run new electricity.

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