Everyday Maryland Pool Maintenance Tips

Buying a new pool can open up a world of possibilities. It also opens up the avenue of routine pool maintenance. Beyond any initial pool set-up, there are many daily tasks that if done properly can leave you with an attractive pool that everyone will want to swim in.

One thing you may need if you plan to take on the daily maintenance of a pool yourself is a good pool chemical test kit. A chemical test kit can help you determine the pH balance in your pool and whether it’s at acceptable levels or not. The two factors that are affected in daily pool maintenance are chlorine and pH levels. Here’s the minimum maintenance required to make sure your pool is in a complete swimmable condition:

  • Keep chlorine levels consistent – Never let the free chlorine levels reach below 1.0 ppm (parts per million). Free chlorine kills harmful germs and algae that can develop in pools. Daily additions of chlorine are the best way to keep levels consistent. This can be made easier by using a slow dissolving chlorine tablet that you can change weekly if needed.
  • Give your pool a shock dose – If you superchlorinate the pool every two and a half weeks or so, you’ll bring the chlorine levels up to 6-10 ppm. This breaks down chlorimines and organic pollution that may be throughout your Maryland pool.
  • Check the pH levels frequently – If your pH level falls below 7.2 or rises above 7.6, you have a problem. Proper pH levels make sure that your chlorine is working efficiently.
  • Run your pool filter – It is advisable to have your pool filter running at least 8 to 10 hours per day, during the daylight hours if possible. The pool filter aids in helping keep your pool water clean, untoxic and completely swimmable.
  • Clean your skimmers – At least once a week, it’s a good idea to clean your skimmers. Getting rid of leaves, bugs and other various floating debris will ensure that your filters are running smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t have time to do the daily maintenance required to upkeep a Maryland swimming pool? Let Sunrise Premier Pool Builders do the maintenance for you! We have many Maryland pool maintenance programs to choose from including weekly and bi-weekly maintenance.

At Sunrise Premier Pool Builders of Maryland, we not only offer opening and closing services, but we offer all types of maintenance packages for you to choose from. Our professionally trained staff will come out to perform maintenance and service so that you can enjoy your pool while also enjoying your busy lifestyle. A few of our packages include (with or without chemicals): weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance; pool openings, closings, and pool equipment repair. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is your premium Maryland pool builder with the dedication and experience to beat the rest!

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