Buying a New Maryland Swimming Pool – Tips & Tricks

If you want to create a unique environment in your backyard, consider building a new swimming pool. With summer fast approaching, a new swimming pool will give you and your family a swimming pool getaway – right in your backyard. Your next Maryland swimming pool is closer than you think. There are a lot of factors to consider when building a Maryland pool. One of the most important of those factors is choosing the right pool contractor. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is a family owned and operated company with over 50 years of experience and a dedication to excellent customer service and quality work.

Each Sunrise Premiere Pool is more than a backyard addition; it’s a reflection of your lifestyle, custom-tailored to complement your home’s architecture and you. Our experienced designers will help you create the pool that is just right for your taste, and your property. And of course, we offer a wide variety of standard pool designs for you to choose from as well. Here are a few tips if you’re thinking of building a new swimming pool:

  • Estimate your budget & time frame – A pool usually takes about six to eight weeks to build and depending on your pool type and size, prices may vary. The average price for a U.S. 600-square foot pool is around $30,000 and this number doesn’t include some of the aesthetic features you may want to include in your new Maryland swimming pool. Budgeting your time and money efficiently is the best way to prepare for building a pool. Also, factoring in insurance and tax implications would be wise as a pool is not only an investment, but adds to your home as far as taxes are concerned.
  • Choose which pool systems you’ll use – Choosing a filtration pump and a heating pump are two of the most important systems that you’ll have installed in your pool. Filtration pump systems come in different types such a single and variable speed pumps. Even though variable speed pumps may cost more upfront, they will save you on energy costs. Heating pumps come in both the gas and electric variety. Electric heat pumps take longer than gas pumps to heat a pool, but they’re more energy efficient so you’ll save money on heating your pool.
  • Plan for ongoing maintenance and buy tools – Whether you want to do the maintenance yourself or if you want Sunrise Premier Pool Builders to do it for you, pool maintenance is one of the most important parts of owning a Maryland pool. You may also want to buy tools, toys and anything else that might compliment your new Maryland pool (like a floating tray for your margaritas, perhaps).


At Sunrise Premier Pool Builders of Maryland, we not only offer opening and closing services, but we offer all types of maintenance packages for you to choose from. Our professionally trained staff will come out to perform maintenance and service so that you can enjoy your pool while also enjoying your busy lifestyle. A few of our packages include (with or without chemicals): weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance; pool openings, closings, and pool equipment repair. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is your premium Maryland pool builder with the dedication and experience to beat the rest!

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