Does My Pool Need A Fence?

It is almost any homeowners dream: an in-ground pool. They may be a lot of work, but as any homeowner with a pool will tell you, come summer, the backyard turns into an oasis on a warm summer day. However, you undoubtedly have a few questions. How much will an in-ground pool cost? Will a pool increase my property value? Do I need a Pool Fence?pool

  1. In-Ground Pools: According to the International Residential Code or the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s “Guidelines for Swimming Pool Barriers,” a safety barrier or pool fence must be installed around any pool or constructed body of water that is more than 24 inches deep. The pool fence must measure at least 48 inches tall with pickets spaced no more than 1 3/4 inches apart. Furthermore, any gates must swing outward and have a self-closing and safety locking mechanism.
  2. Above Ground Pools: Any above ground pool taller than 48 inches with a detachable ladder does not require a pool fence or other barrier. If the pool is shorter than 48 inches, pool fencing is required.

Each city, town, or county in Maryland has the power to adopt its own Pool Fence Laws, so it is best to check with your local jurisdiction before installing your fence. For instance, Prince George’s County requires pool fences be at least 6 feet tall and Montgomery County requires pool fences be at least 5 feet tall.

Even if pool fences are not required by law in your area, they are still well worth the investment. Did you know that an estimated 300 children under age 5 drown in swimming pools every year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission? Just think of how many of these deaths could have been prevented with a pool fence.

At Sunrise Premier Pool Builders of Maryland, we are committed to your family’s safety. In addition, we not only offer opening and closing services, but we offer all types of maintenance packages for you to choose from. Our professionally trained staff will come out to perform maintenance and service so that you can enjoy your pool while also enjoying your busy lifestyle. A few of our packages include (with or without chemicals): weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance; pool openings, closings, and pool equipment repair. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is your premium Maryland pool builder with the dedication and experience to beat the rest!

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