Must Have Pool Safety Products

Every pool owner wants a swimming pool environment that ensures a safe and pleasant experience. The point of a pool is to have fun, no one is having fun when there’s an injury involved.  There are a plethora of safety products that swimming pool owners can install to establish a safe and pleasant environment. We are here to tell you about four great safety products we highly recommend you install to keep your swimming pool environment safe and pleasant for all ages. largecustomi


A fence or a gate is an excellent safety feature you should install around your pool or the surrounding property. A fence can protect young children from accessing your pool unsupervised. This small measure can save lives. Certain states require you to have a fence around your pool. Look up your local pool fence laws to prevent yourself from legal trouble!

Door Alarm

If you want to know when people, especially children, open doors that lead to your pool, you should consider installing a door alarm.  When you install a door alarm, place it in a high location so it will be out of reach of children but easily accessible to adult supervisors. This safety tactic is quick and affordable.

Pool Covers

A power controlled pool cover is a superb safety product! The pool cover covers the water area. The cover can bear the weight of two adults and one child. The pool cover can save the life of a child or adult, if one should accidentally fall into the water, because the cover can keep an individual from complete water submersion. The pool cover is not hard to maneuver to use the pool. This product can protect your loved ones from drowning and other water-related injuries.

Removable Ladders and Steps

If you have your own above ground pool, you should purchase a pool that has removable ladders and steps. When children see ladders and steps, they may get curious to go in the pool without supervision. Many children die from drowning because a pool is too accessible. Ladders and steps should be removed from an above ground pool, when not in use. This action can save lives tremendously.

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