Dealing with Air Bubbles in Your Swimming Pool

Dealing with Air Bubbles in Your Swimming Pool

You’ll often see air bubbles in your swimming pool.

You’ll often see air bubbles in your swimming pool. But you’re probably not sure where they come from; even so, aren’t air bubbles normal in all bodies of water? A swimming pool shouldn’t be an exception. So here’s a guide to deal with the air bubbles, especially if they are getting into the way of you having your fun in the sun.

Reasons for Air Bubbles

Air is being pulled into the suction line of the pump. Getting your pool pumped out is essential to get rid of debris and chemicals that can make it unpleasant to take a dip into your pool. This could be because there isn’t enough water left in your swimming pool. Then again, the strainer pot lid could be broken. It is also possible that it needs to be tightened. If the O-ring isn’t there, then it isn’t sealed, and that is causing all of the air bubbles to form. Fixing the O-ring is quick and easy, although you still want to ask for help from swimming pool experts.

Water Levels

Double check the pool skimmers to make sure that nothing is blocking them. Then it’s time to refill your pool if the water levels are not high enough for your liking. Otherwise, the skimmers will continue to suck air into your pool whether or not there is enough water in your pool. Keep your pool three-quarters full. If you happen to own a fiberglass pool, however, make sure that you never drain it.

Strainer Lids

The next step is to check on the strainer lids. If it isn’t closed as tightly as possible, then it’ll cause problems for the O-ring. First of all, turn the pump off. Then remove the lid. Ensure that the O-ring is still present and in good condition. If the O-ring isn’t seated correctly, put it where it should go. Then clean out any sand, dirt, or other debris that might have gotten lodged in the lid and stopping it from closing correctly.

Pump Valve Unions

Finally, it’s time to take a look at the pump valve unions. The tightness of the O-ring here is just as significant. Follow the same general steps as when you checked on the strainer lids. You’ll have to remove the nut over the union.  

Questions? Ask Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders LLC

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