Common Swimming Pool Myths

Common Swimming Pool Myths

Now that swimming pool season is here; it’s time to run outside and have boatloads of fun.

Now that swimming pool season is here; it’s time to run outside and have boatloads of fun. Getting out into the cold water on a warm day is relaxing and downright delightful. However, as much as swimming pool owners might think they know about their new favorite spot in their backyard, these common swimming pool myths are still persistent.

Waiting an Hour After Eating

Here’s the one you’ve probably heard before. If you go swimming too soon after you eat, then you run the risk of drowning. That’s because your stomach will start cramping, and you will sink, in too much pain to save yourself. As strange as it sounds, there is a modicum of truth to this myth. During the process of digestion, more blood is diverted to your stomach. This means that there is less blood to oxygenate your other muscles, which could lead to painful cramps. The best way to avoid this situation in the first place is to have a smaller meal before you go for a dip and to take it easy instead of jumping right in feet-first.

It’s Easy to Smell Chlorine

This is another common pool myth. As crucial as chlorine is to pool cleaning and maintenance, many pool owners don’t understand how it is supposed to work. You can’t smell the chlorine in your pool, so this myth is busted. Shocking your pool means you can feel the chlorine in the air, but it won’t be detectable through your nose while it’s still in the water. So if you can feel the chlorine, that’s a sign you need to put more in your pool.

Chlorine Changes Hair Color

Several pool myths have to do with chlorine. Another frequent one is that it can change hair color. This myth is another example of falsehood. It’s the copper that changes hair color, and not the chlorine as you may believe. Algaecides are copper-based, and you don’t want algae to start growing in your pool, so that’s why you might use some. Conditioning your hair before going for a swim or using a specially-formulated shampoo can help your hair if it is damaged.

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