A Guide to Swimming Pool Fire Features

Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders Fire Features

Fire features can add a touch of elegance to your custom pool.

Who says fire and water can’t mix? If you want your luxury swimming pool to have a luxury look, some of the coolest additions to add are fire features. These bring in an extra visual element that really draws all eyes to your pool and its stunning design. There are two main swimming pool fire features to consider.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls look exactly how you’re imagining them—a bowl with fire in it. Fire bowls can be round or square, and they are connected to a propane line. They are generally 12-24” tall with a 3’ diameter, making them large enough to have a big impact without being overbearing. They are often set on pillars around the perimeter of the pool, but can also be incorporated into a large pool fountain. These are by far the most popular fire feature to add to a swimming pool, and they add an elegant touch to any pool that hosts a lot of evening and late-night swimming.

Fire Pits

When you think of a fire pit, you think of a raised circular pit that allows everyone to sit around it and enjoy the heat while chatting, eating, or roasting marshmallows. A swimming pool fire pit is purely decorative and does not function the way a normal fire pit does. While it can put off a little heat, it is mainly there for the aesthetic and to add a little light during evening and night swimming. These fire features are built into the perimeter walls of the pool and will be sized and shaped depending on the pool’s design. They can be circular, square/rectangular, or even triangular to suit the look and build of the pool.

Ultimate Luxury

If you’re up for the ultimate in luxury fire features, both of these options can be upgraded in amazing ways—the only limit is your imagination! Fire bowls and fire pits can both be “floated” in a luxury pool by having a concrete pillar hidden below them in the water to make it appear as if they are floating on top.

Fire pits can be recessed into the pool’s perimeter walls to create a stunning fire wall backdrop in your custom pool or spa. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and see what options you can come up with for the perfect design for your luxury pool

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