3 Common Myths About Swimming Pool Chemicals


When it comes to chemicals, you’ll need to bust a few myths with us in order to properly care for your swimming pool.

Are you considering investing in a swimming pool, but you’re unsure about the chemical care that comes with it?  The reality of chemical pool care is very different from the rumors you may have heard.  Without the right knowledge, you might be causing harm to your pool, and even to yourself.  So, when it comes to chemicals, you’ll need to bust a few myths with us in order to properly care for your swimming pool.

Myth #1: Chlorine is bad for you.


Chlorine has actually been in our water supply since 1908, so it’s definitely not poisonous to humans when administered in a small amount.  Chlorine is absolutely safe for swimming pools, and when it combines with the proper amount of other pool chemicals, it keeps the pool healthy.  While your hair might feel a little weird after a swim, know that chlorine is not harming your hair or skin.


Myth #2: It’s safe to swallow pool water because the chemicals purify it.


Accidentally swallowing pool water won’t hurt you.  However, it’s not advised to drink it on purpose.  While chlorine is in our drinking water, it isn’t exposed to outside elements the way pool water is.  There are also a few other chemicals in well-treated pools that aren’t very good for the body when swallowed in large quantities.


Myth #3: Red eyes after swimming is normal.


Some people think that chlorine is what makes your eyes red after a swim.  But your eyes shouldn’t be bloodshot after you take a dip.  In fact, this proves that there is a chemical imbalance in the water.  It could be caused by high pH or chloramine levels, and indicates there is not enough chlorine in the pool.


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