4 Tips for Designing Your Poolside Haven

4 Tips for Designing Your Poolside Haven

It’s time to redesign your poolside area.

It’s time to redesign your poolside area. That means using landscaping features to hide pool accessories and equipment that could present an eyesore. Do whatever you can to avoid aggravating your neighbors – it’s all a part of being neighborly! Here are some fantastic tips for laying out your ideal poolside haven

Go Green 

Greenery is always a great way to improve your surroundings. Why not do that to your poolside area? In the spirit of the season, it’s time to go green. Hedges and trees are fabulous additions, so don’t hesitate to have them planted nearby. Either way, make sure you have a robotic pool cleaner to grab leaves and other debris that fall into the water. 

Simpler is Better 

It’s easy to think that having an oasis in your backyard means going all out. That isn’t always the case, however. In fact, sometimes, simpler is better. Spruce up your pool deck by creating an outdoor kitchen and dining space. If you plan on doing this, be cognizant of the fact that you will need weatherproof furniture that isn’t very expensive or hard to move – you never quite know when the next spring storm will blow through your neighborhood!

Light It Up with Lanterns 

Staying out after dark is a wonderful way to enjoy the warmer days of spring and summer. That’s why adding some outdoor lighting in unconventional ways is another superb idea. In other words, light up your poolside area with some hanging lanterns. After all, this decorative touch adds a sense of mesmerizing mystery to your pool once twilight hits and the sun disappears for the night. Gas lanterns are better for creating this effect than electric ones, so that is one consideration you shouldn’t forget about or ignore. 

Put in a Spa Pool 

A jacuzzi or spa pool can really jazz things up. While your kids splash around playing Marco Polo, you and your spouse and other adults can relax in the spa with some cold drinks and plenty of idle chatting. A spillover spa pairs well with a regular swimming pool, especially when you consider how much difference scented candles, soft music, and softer towels and robes can make! 

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