3 Water Features You Can Add To Really Make Your Pool Stand Out

A water slide is a great water feature to add to your pool because it’s fun for the whole family!

The warm weather is finally here to stay (hopefully) and that means it’s almost time to take a dip in the pool! This is the best time to invest in upgrading your backyard pool to really make it pop this summer season. Here are three water features you can add to really make your pool stand out.

Water Slides

Adding a water slide to your pool provides an extra element of fun for the whole family! Turn your pool into a water park with fun water slides to give you and your family a thrill. This water feature can be added to an existing pool or be implemented into your pool design as you put together your dream pool. Whether you want a straight slide or one with a bunch of twists and turns, a water slide will definitely make your pool stand out.

Spa Tub

If you want to go a different route and add an extra place to relax, consider investing in an outdoor spa to go alongside your pool. This water feature is separate from the pool itself, but it is a great way to transform your backyard into a serene oasis. After a workout from swimming in the pool or just a long day at work, imagine being able to relax your muscles and your mind with a dip in your hot tub. This is great for families, but is also a great way to give your adult guests a separate place to get together when you host your pool parties. Let your kids swim in the pool while the adults enjoy the warmth of the spa tub!


This water feature is another way to help transform your yard into that oasis you have always dreamed on. A pool waterfall gives your pool a more natural look and the sound of constantly flowing water is bound to take your mind off of whatever is causing you stress. You can install natural stones around the waterfall to enhance the look of it even more. Waterfalls also provide natural filtration for your pool, making it more energy efficient since you won’t have to run the manual pool filter quite as much.

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