How to Shock Your Swimming Pool

Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders Shock Your Swimming Pool

Making sure you know how to shock your swimming pool is important for maintaining a clean and balanced water column.

There is really nothing better than enjoying a dip in your own pool during the summer heat. In fact, there are certain levels of maintenance required for pool owners everywhere. For the most part, both seasoned pool owners and brand new ones will need to understand the importance of shocking your swimming pool ahead of the summer season. When it comes to shocking a swimming pool, you will want to make sure that you do so every so often to remove any algae from the pool itself and remove any bacteria from it as well. The reality is, knowing how to shock your swimming pool is extremely important. Ultimately, there are some key things to know about shocking your swimming pool. Here is a helpful guide to make sure that you shock your swimming pool effectively and efficiently.

Understanding Pool Shocking

Knowing what a pool shock is is helpful for all pool owners. In fact, shocking your swimming pool simply involves the removal of algae and bacteria from your swimming pool. The reality is, algae will grow in your swimming pool if it’s not treated and maintained properly. Ultimately, to remove any stray algae and bacteria from your swimming pool, consider measuring your chlorine regularly. 

Understanding Different Types Of Chlorine

When it comes to chlorine, there are various types out there. In fact, as you embark on shocking your swimming pool, it becomes increasingly important to understand the differences with the various types of chlorines out there. The reality is, it can be easy to forget about how much chlorine is in your pool — amid the confusion regarding the various types of chlorine out there. Ultimately, there are certain levels of chlorine that are acceptable and others that can be incredibly harmful.

Properly Shocking Your Pool

For the most part, shocking your swimming pool is incredibly beneficial. In fact, when you do so, you can create a safer environment within your swimming pool overall. The reality is, a swimming pool will likely need to be shocked at some point — maybe not every year but quite frequently actually. Ultimately, with the right types of swimming pool shocking techniques in place, you can end up having a swimming pool you can enjoy for many years to come. 

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