3 Common Pool Myths

3 Common Pool Myths
So what are some of the most common misconceptions about pools? Let’s learn more about these pool myths.

Do you have a swimming pool? Are you thinking about adding one? You might be confused by the pool myths you’ve always heard, but those shouldn’t cause you to hesitate to get a new pool. So what are some of the most common misconceptions about pools? Let’s learn more about these pool myths. 

Eating and Then Waiting an Hour 

One of the most common misconceptions about any swimming pool is the belief that if you go to swim right after eating you will get stomach cramps and drown. Because of the cramps, you will be in too much pain to swim back out and leave the pool. While you are digesting, more blood goes to your stomach which leaves less blood and oxygen for your other muscles. That’s why it’s possible to develop those cramps. Eat a small meal or have a snack first before you go for a swim instead of diving inside. Pool myths such as these do have a small kernel of truth in them.

You Can Smell Chlorine 

Chlorine has a strong smell. Even so, you can’t smell it when it is cleaning your pool. You need the chlorine to keep your pool clean and maintain the water, so you shouldn’t avoid using chlorine. One way to disperse the chlorine better is to perform the pool shock technique. No, this doesn’t mean that you introduce electricity to your pool, which would be a terrible idea. It simply means that you put more chlorine into your pool, or use other chemicals depending on what you have been using. After this method is used, you’ll probably still feel the chlorine in the air around you, but you won’t be able to smell it. You shouldn’t be able to feel the chlorine, either. That means you need to put more into your pool. Pool myths like these are untrue. 

Chlorine Can Change Your Hair Color

So this leads to one major question: can chlorine change your hair color while you swim?  It can’t. Copper can, and it is found in many algaecides that you use to control the growth of algae in your pool. Before you go swimming, take the time to condition your hair or use a special shampoo that can help repair your hair if it has been damaged for one reason or another.  

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