Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient With These Tips

Energy Efficient

Trying to go green? Here are some tips for energy efficient pool ownership.

Are you wondering if your pool is making your energy bills skyrocket? During the summer months, it is possible that your pool being open can make your bills higher. Today we are going to talk about how to cut down on wasted energy through energy efficient pool maintenance and hopefully lower your bills in the process.

Upgrade Your Pump

Pool pumps are used to circulate the water in the pool to a filter where the water is processed and cleaned. They come in a variety of speeds and the best choice you could make is a variable pool pump. These kinds of pumps are 90% more efficient than a single speed pump. Additional benefits are quieter running motor, and they last longer. These are the most expensive pool pumps, but they win back your money in energy savings.

Another pump upgrade to make is switching to a heat pump. If you do heat your pool with a heater that runs on natural gas or propane, switching to a heat pump lasts longer and is more cost effective. These pumps are less expensive to operate over time and are generally more reliable despite the upfront costs.

Other Additives

A pump timer in your pool can be used to automate the process of filtering. Depending on how often you swim and at what times a day, a pump timer is an automated way of preparing your pool without having to run all the time. If you’re an evening swimmer or more of a weekend swimmer having an automated pump can bring lasting energy benefits.

If you don’t have one already consider buying a pool cover. When you cover your pool, less debris gets in, when less debris gets in, your pool pump doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your pool clean. Installing a pool cover can also reduce evaporation thereby keeping your pool from losing heat. Even if you don’t heat your pool on the regular-stepping into a freezing cold pool even on the hottest of days can be unpleasant. Buy a pool cover to keep your filter and you heat pump happy.

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