2 Types of Filters for Your Swimming Pool

2 Types of Filters for Your Swimming Pool

Part of keeping your swimming pool clean is using the right filters.

Part of keeping your swimming pool clean is using the right filters. You might not know which pool filter to choose. Luckily, here is some more information to look over. Read on to find out more about two types of filters that you can use for your swimming pool while you enjoy your time in the water.

Sand-Based Filters

You might not think that a sand-based filter is a good idea when it comes to making sure that the water in your swimming pool is clear. However, it’s still accessible, and with the right care, you can do an impressive job that will exceed your expectations. Replace the sand once every year. The longest you can go without doing this is three years, but to get the results, you should stay on top of when it’s time to replace the sand in the filter.

Empty all of the water from the filter’s tank and take the filter head off. Clear out any old sand that is trapped inside. Refill the tank with clean water up to about the halfway point. Now add more pool filter sand – it’s crucial you don’t rely on ordinary sand because then it might not work the way you expect. The tank should include directions on how much sand to use. Put the filter head back on and then allow the water to backwash for thirty seconds. After that, you reset to filtration mode again. After you do this, make sure that there are no leaks in the system that could affect it.

Cartridge-Based Filters

Cartridge-based filters are becoming increasingly common. They do a better job of filtering the water in your swimming pool. Although sand-based filters are still useful-based filters can catch more particles than its counterpart can. Plus, you don’t need to backwash.

As long as you have a garden hose, you can clean out a cartridge filter. It will only take ten minutes, at most. Clean out your cartridges every month or so. You may need to do this more often depending on how much you and your family use your dream pool. Occasionally, you will need to use chemical cleaners, but by maintaining the filters, you should be fine.

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