Tips for Pool Shock

Tips for Pool Shock

Even if you are a long time pool owner, you might have never heard the term pool shock before.

Even if you are a long time pool owner, you might have never heard the term pool shock before. In that case, you might think it has something to do with adding electricity to your water in a vain attempt to help get it cleaned or sanitary. This would be a huge mistake. Instead of potentially damaging or even ruining your pool, follow these tips for performing pool shock instead.  

Getting Ready

First of all, take the time to clean your swimming pool. If you haven’t done this in a while, then you might be overdue to do it again. Leaves or other organic matter in the pool will slow down the pool shock process. This is because you need to use chlorine, and the chlorine will latch onto anything in the water that is organic. When it does this, it won’t attack the algae that are growing in your pool.

Now that that’s taken care of find a way to reduce the pH of your pool’s water. The chlorine will work better when the pH levels go down. Before you can do that, though, you need to establish your pool’s current standards.

Then you will need to verify just how much algae is blooming in your swimming pool. Light green indicates some algae; medium suggests that the algae have taken over, and dark green is where the algae are thick and overwhelming your water. Without the pool shock, you won’t be able to get rid of it.

Performing Pool Shock

Make sure to use up to 30 parts-per-million of chlorine. A one-pound bag will suffice if you need to do a single shock. However, in some cases, you will have to do up to a triple shock. Eventually, you want to see your water start to turn blue again, losing that greenish tinge that indicates the presence of algae.

Additional Tips for Pool Shock

The more you know, the better. Here are some other tips to follow when it’s time to carry out a pool shock treatment on your pool.

  • Don’t use an algaecide. The pool shock procedure will disable it.
  • Make sure that the pH level of the water is between 7.2 and 7.4 for best results.
  • Brush out the pool, and don’t use a solar blanket.
  • If all of the chlorine disappears, you will need to rerun the shock treatment.

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