Why You Should Have A Pool Heater

Why You Should Have A Pool Heater

Not only can a pool heater make your current season last, but you can set yourself up for the next summer as well.

The summer months are coming to an end, which means the weather is slowly reverting to cooler temperatures. It’s a sad state of affairs, as we all want to keep our pool open as long as possible. In the coming weeks, people will begin closing down their pool until next season rolls around. What if there was a way for you to not be mixed in with those people? What if you could keep enjoying your pool longer than usual? That’s where a pool heater comes into play, and it’s why you need to invest in it. Not only can it make your current season last, but you can set yourself up for the next summer as well.

Beat The Freeze

By installing a pool heater, you can keep your pool substantially warmer to avoid a freezing effect over the winter. Especially with the potential for snow to pile on top of your cover, freezing water can have a devastating impact on your functionality and overall environment. The water being frozen can result in damage tile and potentially ruin your filter.

Added Value

At first glance, having a pool automatically adds value to your home. It’s an addition that sets a property apart. If you add on a heater to that pool (giving it more longevity in terms of use), then you’ll be increasing the future selling price of your home, which basically allows you to recoup the money spent on the feature. A pool heater also has the perk of durability, as it’s very easy to maintain. It doesn’t require excessive care and it gives you consistent results.


Finally, a pool heater gives you immediate comfort. You don’t have to feel frozen every time you jump into the water. Especially in the coming weeks, swimming can have dangers as the water gets colder overnight. For this reason alone, the heater acts as an easy way to combat any hypothermia worries.

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