The Swimming Exercises You Need To Try

The Swimming Exercises You Need To Try

There are certain swim workouts that will make a profound difference on how you look and feel.

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can complete. It gives you a comprehensive workout to all areas of your body. It’s a rare combination of cardio and gaining muscle. The simple act of swimming from one end of the pool to the other is technically an exercise itself. However, there’s so much more you can accomplish in the pool than just a typical lap. If you really take the time to perfect your swimming exercises, you can quickly develop a new physique. Not only that, but you can also easily help your long-term health. When you go through your swimming exercise, you should never stay stagnant. Always try to push yourself, and make it harder as you go along, and then come back down. There are certain swim workouts that will make a profound difference on how you look and feel.

Sprint Sets

A sprint set is exactly what it sounds like: a low distance, high intensity workout with little rest. This type of workout is designed to make your body work harder. By going as fast as you can in a small amount of space, you’re exerting full energy, which in turn will make your body burn calories and fat at a quicker pace. It depends on how large or small your pool is, but make sure your intensity level is at 100% for these sets.

Kick Sets

The underwater dolphin kick is an important part of any swimmer’s form, and it’s something you should practice. Even if you’re not a professional swimming, it’s a routine that you should develop to help your workouts. Practicing your dolphin kicks will help you stretch out and loosen your muscles, increase the power in your kicks, and develop a more consistent feel while in the water.

The Closed-fist freestyle

This is an underrated workout that helps you regain form while also making you train harder. The closed-fist freestyle is more difficult because it takes away the pull you’d typically have from an open-fist. Instead of propelling yourself forward with your hands and fingers, you instead have to rely on your forearm strength to complete most of the work. This workout helps you gain strength in areas that don’t receive as much attention.

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