Why Should I Update My Filtration System?

Pools require constant attention and cleaning. One of the most important tools in the fight for your pool’s cleanliness is your filtration system. But as your filtration system ages, its effectiveness will begin to waiver. So how do you know when it is time to replace your pool filtration system? This article from BestHomeDesign.Blogspot.com explains. It outlines the top 6 reasons to update your filtration system. These reasons are:pool cover

  1. Age is not just a number: Your pool filter and pool pump work non-stop during the warmer months. This constant wear and tear really diminishes your filtration system’s usefulness over time. Just like any appliance, your filter and pump need to be replaced when they become obsolete. Your pool’s filtration system needs to be in top working order. If it is not, your pool is not being cleaned as effectively as it needs to be.
  2. Do not wait until it’s too late: Replacing parts before they are completely fried will help you better budget your money. If you wait for your filtration system to stop working, what happens if you do not have the money to replace it at that time? Your pool will slowly deteriorate into a green bog.
  3. The times are a changing: New technologies are popping up all the time. Your old, outdated filtration system use more energy while cleaning less effectively than newer models. By replacing your system with a newer, more efficient model, you can actually have a cleaner pool while reducing your utility bills. These newer models are better for the environment too!
  4. The older the filter, the longer the maintenance: The longer you wait to replace your old system, the more your pool maintenance will grow. With innovations such as leaf eater attachments for your vacuum and salt-water chlorinators, the time you spend on pool cleaning and maintenance can be cut down to a fraction.
  5. You hear that? Neither do I: Old filtration systems are loud. Newer systems are much quieter, allowing you to enjoy your swim without the constant humming of your filter in the background.
  6. Compatibility matters: If you replace on part of your pool’s system – a new vacuum or salt-water chlorinator – it may not be compatible with your current system. Old and new technologies will not necessarily mix well. Replacing the whole system may seem costly at the time, but it will ensure that all parts of your system are running smoothly and at their best.

So don’t wait until it’s too late. Replace your outdated filtration system before it becomes a problem.

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