How Can My Dog Enjoy My Maryland Pool As Well? Hydrotherapy for Dogs!

Australian Shepherd Dog Catching Football in the Pool


Our four-legged friends are as much a part of the family as anyone. So why should they not be able to enjoy all the same things the family does? A swimming pool is a great addition to any home for summer fun. But on top of the entertainment value, your family dog can actually benefit from the water in other ways. Let Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders fill you in on the wonders of hydrotherapy for dogs.


Even dogs that have no specific health issues at the moment can benefit from hydrotherapy. While you walk your dog daily so that he or she can benefit from the exercise, swimming is also a great form of exercise that your dog can do to stay active and healthy. If your dog is a little bit overweight, or needs to shed some “puppy pounds,” hydrotherapy can aid in this as well.


For more serious canine health issues, hydrotherapy can be the key to healing. Swimming in a pool can help you dog with joint stiffness due to arthritis, with lameness, with elbow or hip dysplasia, or with post-operative pains. Hydrotherapy is ideal for joint pain for many reasons. Because joint pain causes discomfort, your dog may not be willing or able to exercise. But exercise is the best thing for joint pain, and if your dog remains inactive and puts on weight, he or she will end up putting even more pressure on the injured joint. Hydrotherapy takes pressure off of the joint while still allowing your dog to complete full range of motion exercises.


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