What Are The Benefits of Fiberglass Pools? Tips from Your Maryland Pool Installers


Fiberglass pools have become hot, hot, hot over the last ten years due to their low maintenance nature and easy installation process. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on installing a pool and then shelling out time and money to maintain that pool, fiberglass pools are a true long-term investment that reaps rewards for you and any future owners of your home and pool.


Here are some key reasons why you might want to consider a fiberglass pool for your home:

1. They’re flexible in infinite ways. Concrete pools need to be resurfaced regularly when salt chlorinated water is used, whereas fiberglass doesn’t. Fiberglass pools don’t require major chemicals and cleaning products, which means long-term maintenance is easy. In fact, it takes less than 30 minutes a week to keep your fiberglass pool in swimming shape. Fiberglass can even adapt to your soil and weather conditions: it can bend with any shrinking or swelling, and are strong enough to withstand most extreme weather conditions.

2. They’re easy to install, and less time-consuming. The average amount of time it takes to install a fiberglass pool is two weeks. The reason is that fiberglass can be shaped and completely formed in advance to fit the area of the yard it is intended. Our job after creating it is to deliver it and place it into the ground without a lengthy installation time, which is common with concrete pools. So, you can call today and have a pool to cool off in during the upcoming months of sweltering summer heat.

3. They’re safe and clean! Most fiberglass pools come with built in seating, which can be a huge plus for most homeowners. They also have smooth-to-the-touch surfaces, unlike the rough texture of concrete pools, which is beneficial to feet, knees, and water.

4. They’re pretty: due to new mold innovations and different color finishes, you can build a truly unique looking pool. In fact, some of the latest award-winning pool designs are fiberglass pools!

5. This might be the best reason of them all: cost! While fiberglass pools may cost the same as a concrete pool up front, you will benefit significantly from the reduced cost in maintenance, repairs, and resurfacing issues over the years. It will even boost your home’s property value.

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