How Long Will A Vinyl Pool Last?

Many Annapolis homeowners are hesitant to get a vinyl lined pool because they are afraid that it will not hold up over time. While this is true, nothing lasts forever. That doesn’t make a vinyl pool a bad investment.Red White Beach Ball

On average, a vinyl pool liner in Annapolis will last 8-12 years. This is because the sun and chemicals in the water cause the liner to fade. The chemicals will also cause the pool liner to become brittle. However as technology advances a pool liner’s lifespan will continue to increase.

There are certain ways you can maintain your vinyl pool to ensure its longevity. Never add undiluted granular chemicals to your vinyl lined pool. The particles can settle on the bottom of the pool and cause rips or tears in the pool’s lining. While a thicker vinyl lining will be stronger against rips and tears, they can still rip if not treated properly.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance swimming pool in Annapolis, a vinyl lined one isn’t a bad choice.

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