Understanding The Different Types Of Pool Covers

Understanding The Different Types Of Pool Covers

It’s important to know the different types of pool covers, as each one has unique functions.

While we’re on the verge of the Fall season, there still are some days of sunshine left, and there are ways to maximize your pool’s potential during this time. The air may be cooling down, but you can keep your water warm with a pool cover. Pool covers are beneficial for a variety of reason, but mostly because they can extend your season. Especially with the technology available today, covers can effectively retain the heat to make sure your water doesn’t become freezing. Not only that, but they can also reduce the amount of time you’d usually spend on cleaning and maintenance. It’s important to know the different types of pool covers, as each one has unique functions.

Automatic Pool Covers

This is the easiest cover to use. While they are more expensive than others, automatic pool covers offer incredible benefits. Simply put, automatic covers open and close with the push of a button. Most automatic covers run from two tracks that are installed parallel to each other, and that requires a professional to complete. The benefit of this type is its safety and ease of use.

Thermal Covers

A thermal pool blanket does a great job of reducing evaporation, which then extends your pool season because it insulates the water. That extension of the season is something you’re looking for when you consider the type of pool cover you need. Thermal covers also succeed in keeping any extraneous debris out of the pool, which helps to keep a clean pool.

Solar Covers

Solar covers cost the least, but they still have plenty of strengths. A solar cover is similar to a thermal cover, in that it will reduce the evaporation and keep your pool warm. The difference between the two is that solar covers can actually increase the temperature of the water. They are lighter though, which makes it lose effectiveness when trying to keep outside particles out. However, if you’re truly looking to extend your pool season without the use of a pool heater, a solar cover may be the way to go.

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