Designing an Energy Efficient Pool

Designing an Energy Efficient Pool

Designing an energy efficient pool can be a very rewarding experience.

Whether you’re concerned about the environmental impact of maintaining your pool or just looking to save some money on your monthly energy bill, designing an energy efficient pool can be a very rewarding experience. There are many simple ways that you can maximize your pool’s energy efficiency, regardless of whether or not you are building it from scratch.

Choose a Dark Finish

If you mainly use your pool early in the season or late in the season, or simply live in a cooler climate, a darker finish will naturally absorb the light from the sun. As a result, you will have a free pool heater throughout the year. If you heating costs are the main obstacle standing between you and an energy efficient pool, a dark finish is the way to go.

Select the Best Pool Pump

Variable-speed pool pumps that are Energy Star certified will offer you the most energy savings possible. When compared with single-speed, non-Energy Star pumps, you could save up to $200 or more. Variable-speed pumps also have a longer lifespan, since they are only working as hard as you tell them to.

High Efficiency Heating

As consumers have grown more interested in energy efficient pools, manufacturers have developed innovative heating solutions. Today, there are many different heating options for your pool including solar hot water panels, high-efficiency heaters, and heating systems on the bottom of your pool that heat from the bottom up. Sunrise Pool Builders has access to all of the latest trends in energy-efficient heating and can work with you to determine what is right for your existing or new pool.

Clean Your Cleaning System

It sounds a little bit silly, but when was the last time you cleaned your pool cleaning system? Every pool cleaning system should be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep things in working order. If something is dirty or damaged, it will be working much harder to get the job done and use more energy.

Energy Efficient Pools from Sunrise Pool Builders

Whether you need a new pool cover or are looking for the perfect pool for your home, Sunrise Pool Builders are here to help. We are happy to walk you through every step of the design process and ensure that your pool or spa meets the needs of every member of your family and all of the activities you want a pool or spa for. If you are ready to design the perfect pool or spa for your home, contact the experts at Sunrise Pools & Spas. For more information on our services, contact us online or give us a call at 410-349-3852. To see examples of our work, check us out on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

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