Top Tips on Using Your Pool Heater Wisely

Top Tips on Using Your Pool Heater Wisely

With a little mindfulness, you can make great use of your pool heater and use less energy while doing so. Here are some tips to follow.

Many homeowners use pool heaters to ensure that their pool is always the perfect temperature for a dip. The pool heater is among the best accessories to add to a pool for that very reason – it can add so much to the pool experience. But it’s also not something to take lightly. It takes energy to heat a pool, even more during the mid/late spring and mid-autumn seasons. Homeowners who aren’t careful might experience a case of sticker shock when the energy bill comes in. However, with a little mindfulness, you can make great use of your pool heater and use less energy while doing so. Here are some tips to follow.

A Good Temperature

Keeping the pool water warm is exactly why you bought and use a pool heater in the first place. However, it’s one thing to keep water warm – it’s another to keep it spa temperature-warm! Don’t overdo it when it comes to your temperature setting. The 78-80 degree mark is a good target to shoot for – it’ll help keep costs down and still provide a great experience.

Using a Pool Cover

By far the biggest reason why a pool loses heat is through evaporation – it’s estimated that this accounts for around 70% of heat loss in a pool. As you might know, insulation helps keep heat trapped inside, and that’s the role a pool cover plays. It prevents the warmth of your pool water from evaporating and saves your heater the burden of keeping up with Mother Nature. So ensure that you place a pool cover on top of the pool whenever it is not in use.

Lower the Thermostat when Not in Use

Energy costs can really add up over time if you’re not using your pool consistently. If you know you’re not going to use your pool for a few days at a time, make sure you put your cover on and lower the thermostat. Taking it down to around 70 degrees is a good idea. If you’re going to be away from the pool for a longer period of time, shut down the heater entirely.

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