Tips for Adding a Swimming Pool to a Small Yard

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Fitting a swimming pool into a small yard can seem like an impossible dream, but it can be your dream come true!

In the warmer months of the year, almost nothing beats a refreshing dip in some cool water. A backyard swimming pool brings that experience home, but for those with small yards, it can be difficult to justify a swimming pool that could take up all of your outdoor space. Even if you can’t build a vast and luxurious pool, there are still plenty of ways to make room for a pool, even in a small yard with limited space.

Follow the Space

One of the best ways to fit a swimming pool into a small yard is to let the yard tell you where to put it. Don’t fight against the limitations—find ways to work within them and let the flow of your space dictate the best size, shape, and placement of your pool. There is no minimum size for a backyard swimming pool, and you don’t have to make it rectangular. It can be freeform built to the specifications of your space, making it a stunning one-of-a-kind pool.

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is a great way to save space. These pools are built deep with a simple set of steps leading into them, so there is no shallow end or need for one. If you want a deep pool and you’re low on space, a plunge pool might be the perfect solution. They can also be beautifully integrated into landscaping, patios, or decks as a bold statement piece that also looks like a water feature.

Long & Narrow

If you have a backyard that is long and narrow, follow it for inspiration and create a swimming pool that follows suit. These can be an excellent option for lap swimmers that want a pool where they can exercise. A long, skinny pool can also be set up against the home or property line to maximize space and make the most of what you have.

Lap Pool

If you don’t have space for something especially long, a lap pool might be the answer. These pools are highly compact, and they feature a system of jets that create a current you can swim against in order to get exercise in even the tightest of backyards.

Water Features

One way to make a small backyard pool seem bigger and more luxurious is to add vertical water features such as a waterfall or spouts. This creates a stunning backdrop for your pool, a fun element for all who see it, and an elegant spa touch that elevates the swimming pool.

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