Tips for Effectively Integrating an Outdoor Spa Into Your Backyard

For a creative way to integrate your outdoor spa into your backyard, consider making it a part of the deck!

An outdoor spa is a great way to turn your backyard into a place of relaxation. You want to incorporate your spa into your yard in a way that adds to the existing design rather than having it stand out like a sore thumb. If you are stuck on where to place your outdoor spa, here are some tips on how to effectively integrate it into your backyard.

Don’t Leave All Sides Open

When integrating your outdoor spa into your yard, you want to make sure all sides of your hot tub aren’t exposed. You can place it somewhere with existing walls and railings so that it can cover multiple sides of the hot tub. You only need to leave the front open so that when people look at it head on, they see steps, but from all other angles, it simply blends in with the walls.

Accent With Plants

Spas don’t need a huge paved space for access like pools do, so use the surrounding area of the outdoor spa to your advantage. You can use your spa tub as a focal point for a backyard garden. Plant an array of different flowers and plants to really give your outdoor spa a nice aesthetic.

Completely Conceal It

If you want your outdoor spa to go unnoticed until it’s time to use it, you can consider concealing it completely. The best way to do this is to get a custom build spa so that you can incorporate it into your pre-existing backyard design. You can build walls around it or use the garden idea to block off the outdoor spa completely so that it doesn’t interfere with your backyard.

Get Creative with Colors

Outdoor spa tubs also require covers to keep the water protected from debris and various weather elements. Most covers you can purchase aren’t the most visually appealing, so why not get a little creative? Install a rolling sundeck that can also act as a cover for your outdoor spa so that when you aren’t using it, you can lay on top of the cover and soak up the sun’s rays. You could also consider building a deck around the spa and customizing the cover so that it matches the deck. This way, when you aren’t using your spa tub, it can easily become part of the deck.

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