Why Fall is the Best Season to Invest in a New Pool

Many people stop thinking about pools once the summer is over, but fall is actually the best season to invest in a new pool!

September is just a couple of days a way and that means that fall is around the corner! It’s almost time for cooler weather and leaves changing colors. Often times, we don’t even think about pools once the summer ends, but it may be time to do just that. Fall is actually the best season to invest in a new pool. Here’s why:

The Rush is Over

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people aren’t even thinking about pools once the weather gets cooler. With that being said, waiting until the fall to invest in your new pool allows you to beat the summer rush. This gives you more time to work with as well as a lot more options when it comes to contractors. Contractors are likely to have a lot more availability so that you don’t have to worry about them being booked.

Cost Savings

When pool season starts to die down, that’s when contractors begin to look at their numbers for the end of the year. If they haven’t done as well as they wanted to over the same, they will likely be more open to negotiating prices to compensate for any overstocks or inventory that will be discontinued soon.


It may seem backwards to invest in a new pool once the summer is over, but this gives you a lot more time. This way, you can ensure that your new pool will be ready for the next season. If you wait until the spring or early summer, many different factors can cause delays in construction and your pool may not be ready when you want it to be. Building it way in advance guarantees that you will have it in time for the next season.

Save for a Deck

The pool deck is typically built after the new pool is installed. If you install your pool in the fall, this gives you more time to save up for a pool deck rather than having to rush and get it all done at one time. This helps you to budget out your construction expenses and space out payments.

Outdoor Spa

If you were considering installing an outdoor spa along with your new pool, the fall is a great time to do so. Spa tubs can be used all year round, so you might as well enjoy it to help warm you up on a cool fall day!

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