What Factors Affect the Timeline of Your Pool Construction?

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A time-sensitive project, pool construction can be affected by a lot of things.

A time-sensitive project, pool construction can be affected by a lot of things. Additionally, pool construction can be expensive. By planning far in advance and knowing what special materials you will want, you can beat the market’s prices. The warmer seasons are ideal, but our schedule will be crowded. To ensure you can take a dip before summer’s end, you should schedule your pool’s construction as soon as possible. On the first warm day of the year, our phones ring off the hook.  

Planning! Budgeting!

Pool construction is an expensive process that will boost your property value. After it is completed, of course. It is crucial to any construction project that you plan and budget incredibly far ahead of time. Luckily, our teams of pool experts are ready to help you plan your construction. With knowledge of current market prices and 

Materials Will Need to Be Secured Ahead of Time

Like any construction project, many materials must be bought in advance. Things like cement or concrete are pretty common and will not necessarily be in low supply when you begin building. However, materials like tiles or stones can be quite unique per lot. That means that each batch of tile, even the same design, may look different from another batch. The price of materials can change according to demand. What time of year you begin building will affect the price of materials. Spring and summer are huge seasons for construction that will have higher prices for materials.

Weather and the Seasons

What time of year you build your pool will affect its timeline. Unfortunately, construction that requires digging is highly restricted in the winter because the ground is frozen. It is not worth the tie or money to break ground during the winter, but it is a great time for planning and scheduling your pool construction. Spring and summer can come with heavy rains that may delay pool construction. They can flood the dirt hole that will be your pool or ruin the cement that is drying. Sunrise Premiere Pools always check the weather and plans accordingly as local experts. 

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