How Does a Pool Filter Work?

Pool filters are designed to make your swimming pool clean and safe to enjoy. In fact, pool filters typically enhance the safety and remove all the debris and dirt from your swimming pool. The reality is, pool filters are a necessary component of pools everywhere. Ultimately, sand filters are some of the more common pool filters that you often find in your backyard. Here are the key aspects of your swimming pool filters and how they actually work.

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Pool filters are designed to make your swimming pool clean and safe to enjoy.

The Filtering Process

For the most part, dirty water will enter your swimming pool filter regularly. In fact, the pool filter will work to filter that water and actually lead it towards the water distribution head. The realty is, gravity typically pulls the water all the way down through the sand itself. Ultimately, it’s the tiny sand particles that end up catching the dirt and debris. As a result, the bottom of the tank is designed to have the filtered water flow through the pick-up itself and then out through the outlet pipe. 

Backwash The Filter

Over many years, your filter will collect dirt and debris that can end up slowing down the filtration process itself. In fact, there are pressure gauges that are actually designed to give the pool custodian a more accurate idea of the blockage level inside it. The reality is, there is nothing more important to your swimming pool filter than ensuring the water pressure depicted in the gauges are accurate. Ultimately, if here is too much debris that has been collected, it’ll typically cause you to need to backwash your pool filter effectively and efficiently. As a result, properly backwashing your filter will usually involve adjusting the number of valves to then redirect the water flow effectively.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than ensuring your swimming pool filter is working properly and efficiently. In fact, having a professional take a look at your swimming pool filter can help to ensure that your swimming pool itself is clean and safe for everyone to use. For the most part, your pool filter is a key component to ensuring your swimming pool is safe to enjoy which is why making sure your pool’s filter is working properly is paramount.

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