Things You Didn’t Know About Hot Tubs

spa health benefits

A spa can help decrease your stress, help you sleep better, and help decrease joint and muscle inflammation!

Hot tubs, or spas, are greatly known for their ability to relax and seemingly melt away stress and anxiety with a little warmth and vibration. And if you’ve got one at home, we’re sure you’ve utilized it for just that. Hot tubs have been proven to relieve muscle pain, reduce stress hormone levels, facilitate increased blood flow and aid with insomnia. But what else do you know about the history of your favorite backyard accessory?

Jacuzzi Brothers


Jacuzzi is not just a snazzy name someone came up with to define the incredible experience that is being in a hot tub. It is actually the last name of seven brothers who emigrated from Italy to California in the early 1900s that worked with aircraft machinery. In 1949, one of the Jacuzzi brothers invented a bathtub pump in hopes of relieving his son from chronic pain. Alas, this evolved into the hot tub jets that we use today.



Hot Stones


The earliest versions of hot tubs are considered ancient, and were “powered” by hot stones emerged in water in marble bathtubs or took place in natural hot springs. Soaking in these methods was common among Native Americans and later Romans who implemented public baths in the city. Of course today when we “power” a hot tub, we have the luxury of doing so with actual electricity.

Guinness World Record


In 2012, twenty-six people came together to make one splash of a Guinness World Record. The Jacuzzi Outlet in Spain hosted the event, as the collection of people representing 26 different countries piled into the hot tub. They set the record for the most nationalities in a Jacuzzi, with representatives from the following countries: Germany, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Bolivia, Peru, Ukraine, Morocco, Lithuania, Republic of Mauritius, Czech Republic, Estonia, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, Italy, France, Australia, Poland, Ireland, Venezuela and New Zealand. Apparently the United States missed the memo!


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