4 Hottest Pool Design Trends in 2016

Heightened areas of your inground pool can serve as great tanning ledges, where you can catch rays while submerged!

Heightened areas of your inground pool can serve as great tanning ledges, where you can catch rays while submerged!

Inground pools come in various shapes and sizes. When you are customizing your swimming pool, you likely want a design that is both functional and unique. When customizing a pool with Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders, your imagination is the limit. With over 60 years of experience, no design style is too intricate to make a reality. Let’s review some of the most popular pool design trends in 2016, just in time for the new year!

Tanning Ledges

A tanning ledge, or Baja Shelf, is an area in or around your swimming pool with generally less than 12” of water. This shallow waterbed is perfect for keeping cool in the water while exposing your skin to a good amount of sun for tanning and relaxing. It could also serve as a safe area for children or pets who like to swim to enjoy the pool without being fully submerged.


Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are an upscale feature to your inground pool, meaning they can be costly depending on the type you choose. Fire bowls can add an immediate, chic, high-class feel to your pool design that make your backyard feel more like that overseas resort you’ve been wanting to visit. If you want to include a fire bowl in your design, be sure to plan accordingly with your builder. Check out some examples of fire bowls here.



Cooling/Heating Pumps

If your pool is exposed to direct sunlight for the majority of the day or you have an automatic pool cover, a heating/cooling unit may be especially beneficial for you. Heat pumps hold an obvious benefit in the cooler months at the beginning and end of a typical pool season. But some heat pumps offer a heating and cooling option. Why would you want to cool your pool? If your pool is exposed to constant sunshine then there is a good chance that during the hottest summer days, jumping into the water isn’t going to offer much of a cool-down. Your pool should be comfortably cool, not uncomfortably warm or reminiscent of a spa or bath water.


Glass Tile

Inground pool tile is implemented along the waterline of a concrete pool (usually a six inch wide band) to prevent staining the surface of the pool. Fiberglass pools include a gelcoat surface that is durable and doesn’t require waterline tile to prevent staining. This tile is oftentimes still added for visual appeal. Glass tile is made of tiny squares or rectangles of color on translucent glass. It can come in many colors, but blue is most common as its shimmer and shine compliment the water. Glass tile is not specific to the waterline and can be implemented on the ground of the pool to create a unique and beautiful aesthetic appeal.


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