How to Take Care of Your Brand New Pool

How to Take Care of Your Brand New Pool

Sometimes new pool owners get in over their heads when they don’t fully understand what maintenance is required.

A pool is a wonderful addition to any backyard, turning it from a simple space to an oasis. Pools offer so many benefits, from relaxation to exercise. But a pool also comes with a lot of responsibility, especially regarding maintenance. Sometimes new pool owners get in over their heads when they don’t fully understand what maintenance is required. Here’s a rundown on what you need to know to take care of your brand new pool.


Every pool has a plumbing system that circulates all of the pool water. The pump pulls the water from the pool, then it is filtered, treated, occasionally heated, and finally returned to the pool. This is a continuous and important process and requires maintenance to operate correctly. Your pump should run for 8-12 hours a day and sometimes as much as 24 hours. Remember that your pump is the heart of it all. Make sure that the pump basket is clean and the pump lid is lubricated and firmly tightened to prevent air leaks. You should check your pump daily to make sure it hasn’t lost prime, and you should learn to listen for changes in the sounds that it makes.


The filter is the part of the circulation system that cleans suspended particles out of the water. When the filters get dirty, they can’t clean the water as efficiently, so you need to maintain your pool’s filter also. The filter material is usually sand, diatomaceous earth, or a pleated polyester cartridge. When the pressure gauge rises 7-9 psi, the filter needs to be back-washed, cleaned, or replaced. Every year you should also do a deep clean on your filter.


All pools need chemical sanitation to kill algae and bacteria in addition to the filtration. The most popular one is chlorine, and chlorine tablets are the easiest to use. You will need to maintain a chlorine level of 1-2 ppm, and you will have to go tests on the water to make sure the levels are maintained. You may also need to shock your pool periodically, or super chlorinate it, to kill visible algae. Finally, you will need to check and maintain a level of stabilizer (usually 30-50 ppm) to keep the chlorine from breaking down in the sun.


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