5 Ways to Exercise Using Pool Noodles

5 Ways to Exercise Using Pool Noodles

Swimming a few laps isn’t always the most comfortable or easiest workout to complete. Luckily, you can exercise using pool noodles.

One of the best ways to get some exercise is to go swimming. However, swimming a few laps isn’t always the most comfortable or easiest workout to complete. Luckily, you can exercise using pool noodles. While this sounds unusual or preposterous, you can actually do it. Here’s a quick guide on how.

Push and Pull

Although this workout is focused on your upper body, you can modify it. That modification allows you to exercise your entire body at the same time. Go into the water until it’s chest-high. Keep your palms down and push down until the pool noodle is completely underwater. Pull it out and repeat. How can you move your whole body while doing this? Try and walk around the pool as you do. This strategy works best when you’re in your own pool and not in a public swimming pool.


To do tuck with pool noodles, you’ll have to go into deeper water. Wrap the noodle behind your back and hold it underneath your arms. Keep your legs straight and point your toes towards the bottom of the pool. Bring up your knees using your torso then hold this position for two or three seconds before returning to your starting position.


Twists with the pool noodles are a variation on the tucks. Do the same motions as you would with the tuck, but work on your abdomen. Even planking can make a difference when you’re trying to finish this workout.

Push Downs

Go stand in waist-high water. Spread your feet so they are a hip-width apart. Hold the noodle out in front of you and then push it down in the water while lifting one leg behind you. Make sure your leg is parallel with the bottom of the pool. Then, repeat this process but with your other leg.


You might have done lunges before and hated them. Well, doing lunges with pool noodles is a completely different experience. Stand in chest-high water with the noodle wrapped around one of your legs in a U-shape Then take a step forward and lunge with your legs, stretching your feet and legs as you would on dry ground.

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