Swimming Pool Trends on the Rise in 2023

Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders Swimming Pool Trends 2023

There are a lot of amazing ways to design your dream pool while incorporating some of the swimming pool trends on the rise in 2023.

The new year is just getting started, but swimming pool trends are already making their mark. The modernization of the backyard swimming pool means that the look, feel, and functionality of pools is ever-changing and evolving to suit modern pool owners. To that end, here are just some of the swimming pool trends on the rise in 2023.


Saltwater pools have started to really take off in popularity, and it’s not much of a surprise. Saltwater pools are gentle on your skin, hair, and even your swimsuit. They don’t require as many chemicals as a traditional swimming pool, making them more economical as well as eco-friendly. A saltwater swimming pool sounds like it’ll be harsh and taste like the ocean, but the salt level is lower than that of human tears. While it is a bigger initial investment, a saltwater pool will pay for itself over time.


Swimming pools have traditionally been covered in blue, white, or gray to maintain the beautiful blue water we all know and love. However, the times are changing, and more people are choosing different colors for their pools. Most of these new colors are dark, such as deep greens or even black for a dramatic effect. This can give your pool a very unique and interesting look.

Multi-tier Pools

Multi-tier pools have become especially popular recently, and using spillovers and infinity ledges is the best way to separate each tier. In addition, infinity ledges are being used in these pools as a place for swim-up bars and attached spas. Infinity pools aren’t a new phenomenon, but their minimalist aesthetic and versatility keep us coming back for more.

Tanning Ledges

A swimming pool tanning ledge has just a few inches of water in it where you can either lie right in the water or place submerged furniture for a chance to soak up some rays. Not only are they excellent for getting some extra sun, but they also provide a safe space to play for young children and pets who aren’t ready for the deep end.

Themed Pools

When you find the right inspiration for your dream pool, it’s often a theme that you want to incorporate as thoroughly as possible. This has become a hot trend in recent years. The themes can range from the Amazon rainforest, a spa resort, or Las Vegas. Wherever you find your inspiration, themed poos are all the rage.

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