Should Your Hot Tub be Indoors or Outdoors?

indoor hot tub

There are many differences, pros and cons between indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

There’s no doubt that a hot tub looks beautiful regardless of where it is located on your property.  It can be used year-round, gives you needed health benefits, and is generally a fantastic idea for those who wish to use water to relax after a tough day.  You may be wondering, however, where exactly you need to be placing your hot tub.  There are many differences, pros and cons between indoor and outdoor hot tubs.  Read on to discover where yours should be situated.



Outdoor hot tubs are going to require more maintenance.  This is because they are exposed to elements–wear and tear happens far more often to a tub that is placed outside.  Even with a cover, debris can still land in the water and cause cleaning issues.  In the summer, you’ll have to deal with a plethora of bugs, and in the fall you’ll have to skim the surface for dead leaves.  When you put your tub inside, you won’t run into these issues.




Hot tubs produce a lot of moisture and steam that rises into the air.  When you’re outside, this isn’t an issue–the vapor simply escapes, and isn’t trapped anywhere dangerous.  An indoor tub will be subject to creating excess moisture that can cause water damage, especially to wood, if the area is not properly ventilated.  Also, the chemicals can be hazardous when concentrated.  If you have proper ventilation installed in the area already, this shouldn’t become an issue.




You should think about how much space you have, and how comfortable it would be to have a hot tub where you want to place it.  You should also consider how you feel about using a hot tub in the winter when it is freezing outside.  Is that something you’d like to try?  Or does it sound unfathomable?  Remember, your hot tub should be something that you find relaxation in–don’t force yourself outside or inside simply because of aesthetics.  Comfort is truly your main objective when purchasing a hot tub.


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