5 Common Myths About Swimming Pools

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Misinformation is a dangerous thing.  Let us debunk some pool myths for you.

When you glance at the following list, it’s possible you may see something that has previously stopped you or someone you know from investing in a pool.  Misinformation is a dangerous thing.  Here at Sunrise Premier Pool Builders, we want you to have the most factual information regarding our pools.  Read on to see if you recognize some of these common myths that surround pools.

  1. Chlorine turns your hair green.

Nope, there’s nothing about chlorine that changes your hair color.  Pools have a special chemical added to them, called copper sulfate, which is used to prevent algae blooms.  Sometimes, this stuff can give a green tint to your hair.  But it happens to everyone–not just blonds!


  1. A heavy chemical smell means the pool is extra clean.


Actually, if a pool is well-disinfected, it won’t smell like much of anything.  What you’re smelling probably isn’t chlorine, but chloramines that form when contaminants are introduced to the water.  A pool may need more chlorine to help battle the chloramines.  If you smell heavy chemicals, it means there are more contaminants.


  1. Chlorine causes red, irritated eyes.


Again, this is an effect from chloramine, and means a pool is poorly taken care of.  When maintained well, a pool should not negatively affect the skin or eyes at all.  Under-chlorinated pools are a much bigger culprit than over-chlorinated ones.


  1. It’s time-consuming to care for a pool.


It may seem daunting to have to look after something like a swimming pool; something so chemical-heavy does require some extra attention.  But in terms of cleaning, there are a lot of solutions that will help you save time.  Ten or fifteen minutes out of your day is usually enough to keep a pool in good health.


  1. I can’t afford it!


You can.  Unfortunately, cost is one thing that turns many people away from a pool.  If you’re concerned about permanence, an above-ground pool is an excellent choice.  Otherwise, it is perfectly possible to finance a pool so you can pay it over time, like you would a credit card balance.


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