Removing Pollen from Swimming Pools

Removing Pollen from Swimming Pools

Both pollen and algae will eventually stain some pool surfaces. Make sure your swimming pools don’t have either!

Pollen is an integral part of nature. It allows plants to reproduce and create the foods that we eat. Without it, we would not survive. But the truth is that it’s a significant nuisance. If you have seasonal allergies, you know how terrible it can be once the pollen shows up in the spring. It’s not just a problem for allergy sufferers; the seasonal pollen explosion also impacts pool owners. Luckily, pollen is a relatively simple issue to deal with.

Make Sure It’s Pollen

If there is a yellow layer on the surface of your pool water or an all-over yellow tint to your water, you probably will blame pollen. While this is often true, it can also be caused by yellow algae. Make sure that your issue is pollen. The wind can blow pollen, and it will collect on the skimmer and at the tile line. Algaes usually sink rather than float and will stick to surfaces under the waterline. It also often appears in shady areas. Sometimes pollen will dissolve and fall, but that happens after a while of being in the water, and it will still move without forceful scrubbing. Both pollen and algae will eventually stain some pool surfaces.

Removing The Pollen

If you’re patient, the filter will eventually do the work of removing the pollen. During the early spring, this is often an excellent solution since you’re not using the pool. If you have pollen during the swimming season, however, you likely want a faster solution. You could run your pool pump on overdrive and keep the filter system extra clean so that it removes the pollen more quickly. There are also several pool additives and tools that you can use to quicken the pollen removal process. You could add a slimebag, a skim bag, or filter savers to your tool kit. A slimebag is a heavy fabric filter bag that attaches to the pool return while a skim bag is a heavy fabric filter bag that goes in the slimmer basket. Filter savers are like mesh socks that you stretch over the skimmer or pump baskets. All of these are intended to filter out more pollen than the standard filter would capture on its own to clear the water more quickly. If you would rather have a chemical solution, you could add a filter aid or a clarifier or shock with a granular oxidizer.

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