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There are some relaxing additions to consider for your swimming pool that can help you bring that resort look and feel right to your own backyard.

When you’ve invested in a backyard swimming pool, you might find that something is missing. Planning your swimming pool and the landscaping around it is a big job, and sometimes the additions take a backseat to the pool’s design and installation process. If you’re finding that your swimming pool isn’t quite relaxing enough and could use some extra relaxation measures, then you’re in luck!

Water Features

Yeah, okay, water features on a swimming pool might seem kind of redundant. I mean, isn’t the pool already a water feature? Well, the thing is, water features are the perfect way to upgrade the look of your pool and really accentuate a relaxing, resort-like vibe.

Laminar jets with LED lighting, spouts, scuppers, fountains, and bubblers, are just a few of the many water features available for a backyard swimming pool. Every option adds its own charm, but they all offer the sound of water hitting another body of water. It might not sound overly impressive, but it is actually a very relaxing sound and can make a big difference in the look and feel of your swimming pool.

Fire Features

The dichotomy between water and fire is well-known, which is why adding fire features to your backyard swimming pool can end up being a great choice. These options are a bit more limited, but fire features add ambient lighting, heat sources, and an unmatched aesthetic appeal. There’s just something about fire around a body of water that makes the space look and feel really cool and relaxing.


Fire features add some great ambient lighting, but it’s a good idea to add LED lighting around your pool as well. These are perfect for adding a special aura to your pool, especially if you can adjust the brightness and the colors. They don’t just look cool, they’re also an important safety feature that keeps your swimming pool well-lit and highly visible to avoid accidentally falling in, or not noticing if another person or animal has fallen into the pool. The peace of mind is definitely worth it.

Outdoor Sound System

When you need a mood adjustment, what’s one of the first things you do? Turn on a good jam! This works for your pool area, too. Having an outdoor sound system installed can be the perfect way to always keep control of the mood and ambiance around your backyard swimming pool. You can choose something calm, like nature sounds or slow music. Or, when the time calls for it, you can switch it up to something with a lot more bop! The mood is yours to control!

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