How Pool Owners Can Conserve Water

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It’s understandable why pool owners would want to conserve water. It’s not just good for the environment but also your wallet.

Swimming pools are infamous for being a bit costly to upkeep and maintain. It’s at least true that a backyard swimming pool requires regular maintenance, including cleaning and adding chemicals. This is all the more reason to look for ways to conserve water and lower your utility bills.

Use a Pool Cover

Most pool owners use a pool cover during the off-season when it starts to get chilly, and they have to worry about falling leaves and snow. This is an important time to use a pool cover, but don’t stash it away in a back corner until next fall—use it throughout the swimming season. A pool cover isn’t always the easiest thing to take on and off, but it’s worth it if you’re hoping to conserve water throughout the life of your swimming pool. Using a pool cover limits the evaporation of the water in your pool, making it a great way to conserve water during the hottest months of the year.

Lower the Water Level

This is pretty much self-explanatory. If you choose a lower water level, then you’ll use less water initially. A lower water level also means that horseplay and excessive splashing won’t send as much of the water flying out of the pool and onto the ground. 

Reduce Heater Use

If you have a heated pool, it’s best to turn your heater down or off entirely during the summer months. A heater is great for providing delightfully warm water throughout the swimming season, but the sun will do the job as well. If you’re running your heater during the warmer months of the year, it speeds up the evaporation process, causing you to lose more water than normal.

Don’t Backwash Too Often

Backwashing, the process of reversing your pool filter’s flow in order to clean it or dislodge clogs, produces water waste. For this reason, you should limit how often you backwash your filter to minimize water loss. Backwash water can be used in gardens, but be careful about where you dump it in order to prevent runoff. Always check your local laws concerning water waste and where it’s appropriate to dump it.

Limit Use of Water Features

In-pool water features are amazing, and they can really boost the aesthetics of your swimming pool. Fountains, bubblers, spouts, scuppers, statues, waterfalls, and other water features are all perpetrators of extra water loss. If you want to conserve water, turn these off when you don’t need them running. It won’t just save water—it will also lower your utility bill!

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