Protect Your Pets with a Pool Fence

Protect Your Pets with a Pool Fence

If you can’t or don’t want to install a permanent fence around your pool, you should at least consider a pool fence.

Pets are family for many people. They provide comfort and companionship and love and we love them dearly in return. So it makes sense that we want to protect our pets, no matter what. We spend a lot of time protecting their health, protecting them from pests and parasites, and training them so that they are safe when you’re away from home. If you also have a pool on your property, that’s another thing you have to protect your pets from.

How Are Pools Dangerous?

Pools are dangerous to pets in the same way they’re dangerous to small children because for both you can’t watch them 100% of the time and they can quickly get into trouble. Cats typically avoid water, but many dogs love to swim or get wet, especially when it is hot. Dogs often see the pool and immediately want to jump in. Even if your dog knows how to swim, he or she may panic after falling into the water alone, and in their panic, they could drown. Older dogs and small dogs have an even greater safety risk.

Protect Them With A Pool Fence

The best way to keep your pet safe is to have a fence that keeps them away from the water’s edge. This is also a good safety move in general and may help with insurance as well. Permanent pool fences have lots of benefits. If you can’t or don’t want to install a permanent fence around your pool, you should at least consider a pet fence. Pet resistant pool fences are available in a variety of heights, from 18” to 60”. They are designed to circle the entire perimeter of the pool. They are constructed to be removable when you want to get to the pool, but easily set up for when you’re not out there watching the pool.

Other Ways To Protect Them

In addition to the fence, there are other things you could do to protect your pets. You could fit their collar with a water alarm so that you’re alerted if they do fall in, or you could put an alarm in your pool that alerts you when anything or anyone goes in. You should also consider removing or locking any pet doors that lead to the pool areas while you’re away from the house. No matter what measures you take to secure your pool, you should also train your dogs how to swim so they’re less likely to panic if they fall in.

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