Why Your Pool’s PH Level is Important

Keeping up with pool maintenance is important for any Maryland pool owner and there are a myriad number of factors to keep in mind. However, one of the most crucial elements of regular pool maintenance is keeping your pool’s PH levels balanced. For those of us not quite chemically inclined, why this matters and how to do it can seem vague and ethereal at best. PH Level

Safety & Comfort

Whether your pool is salt based and produces chlorine, or uses chlorine tablets, keeping your PH levels within the proper range is important. If you ignore your pool’s PH level, the chlorine will stop functioning at maximum capacity letting potentially dangerous germs and bacteria grow and spread. PH levels that are too low will dissolve chlorine too quickly, while high PH levels will render it inactive. Also, a pool with a poorly balanced PH level will, immediately and over time, hurt your skin and eyes, possibly causing permanent damage. Keeping PH levels in the right range ensures that your Maryland pool will stay safe and feel great.

Prevent Corrosion

Improperly balanced PH levels can cause the water in the pool to become corrosive, eating away at the pool liner, hand rails, ladders, and any other metallic equipment that comes into regular contact with it.

What is an Ideal PH Level?

Your Maryland pool’s PH level should hover between 7.4-7.5 on PH test kit’s numeric scale. PH is typically tested by dipping a strip of special paper in the water and comparing the color it turns to images on a chart. Numbers 0-7 on the PH scale reflect an acidic PH while numbers 8-14 indicate a base PH.

Watch Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity refers to how alkaline or “base: your pool water is. This factor goes hand in hand with PH. If your alkalinity is high, your PH will be too and vice-versa. An ideal alkalinity level for a typical Maryland swimming pool is around 100 ppm, something you can test with the alkalinity test kit that came with your pool.

Unsure About Your Pool’s PH? Need Help?

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