Maryland Pool Maintenance Tips

pool maintenanceDespite what you might think, keeping your Maryland pool in top condition isn’t necessarily as difficult or time-consuming as you might think. While every pool is unique and has individual maintenance requirements, they all have one thing in common: They need regular care. While some problems may require the intervention of a professional pool maintenance company, there are definitely some important tips you should observe when taking care of your Maryland pool.

Skim Regularly

Taking the few minutes required to skim your pool by hand is an easy way to make sure your pool stays clean. Just drag a net across the surface and remove any debris, leaves, or bugs floating around in there. Regular skimming ensures your pool’s circulation stays working at maximum efficiency and reduces the required amount of chorine you’ll need to use.

Vacuum and Brush Walls

It’s important to vacuum your Maryland pool once a week to clean your water and minimize the amount of chemicals in it. If you have a manual pool vac, just run it across the water’s surface like you would vacuum a carpet, and make sure to check the vacuum’s filter every time for built up dirt. Another good pool maintenance tip is to brush your pools walls and tile before vacuuming. This will minimize algae buildup and stop calcium deposits from forming. Use a firm brush for plaster-lined concrete pools and a softer brush for vinyl or fiberglass walls. For tiles, use a soft brush to prevent scratching.

Clean Your Pool Filter

Regardless of the type of pool filter you have in your Maryland pool, it will require regular cleaning as part of normal pool maintenance. Make sure to avoid over cleaning though, a clean filter is actually less efficient than a marginally dirty one because dirt can aid in trapping other particles within the filtration system. A good sign of when you should clean your filter is if you notice a greater than normal flow from the pressure gauge and flow meter. Mark the pressure level after a pool cleaning. You’ll know it’s time to clean again when the pressure has risen 10-15psi over the initial level.

Need Help with Pool Maintenance?

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