Which Pool Shape Is Best For Your Backyard?

A kidney shaped pool is rounded with a distinct indentation on one side!

When it comes to your pool design, you want it to look nice but also fit well in the space that you have. No backyards are made equal, so it is important to choose a pool shape that compliments your yard the best. There are several pool shapes you can choose from, so here a few styles to help make your decision easier.

Kidney Shape

These pools used to be the most popular shape back in the 60’s. Though less popular now, they are still good for those who want a classic shape or those who have an older home and want to keep the historical aesthetic. It is a curved pool with an indentation on one side. It’s a good pool shape for those who have young children because there is a natural division between the shallow and deep end. It can be used as a lap pool if it’s large enough and is great for anyone on a budget because it tends to cost less to build. The indentation it has is great to put a bench or some nice landscaping.


These pools are very simple, having perfect 90 degree corners. These pools are most commonly used for swimming laps and other types of water exercise. It’s great for people who have a backyard that is long and narrow. A rectangle pool shape will cost you more than other shapes because it has more perimeter footage. If you choose a perfect rectangle shape, you don’t have much room to install other structures. This pool shape can always be modified with rounded edges or removing corners.


This pool shape is great for people who want both a diving pool and one that has very shallow waters as well. The extension that makes it an “L” shape is typically used for the shallow end, while the rest is deeper. It allows a separate area for younger children to swim without interrupting the adults.

Free Form

If you want to customize your pool shape completely, a free form pool is the option for you. This leaves the shape open to however you want to design it, which is great for tricky backyards. They use rounded edges rather than straight ones. A free form pool is great for people who want to incorporate landscaping into their design or extra furniture around the pool itself. Free form pools become a challenge when it comes to finding a pool cover to fit, so you may need a custom one.

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