Did You Know an Outdoor Spa Can Actually Better Your Health?

An outdoor spa not only relaxes you, but it also has great health benefits!

Everybody enjoys a nice dip in a spa tub every once in a while. The warm, jacuzzi style water is enough to soothe anyone after a long day. However, outdoor spas actually have a lot of great health benefits as well which is even more reason to invest in one. Here is how an outdoor spa can better your health.

Cardiovascular Health

When your body is submerged in water, it puts more pressure on your body. This makes it so that the heart has to work harder to keep up, which gives it good exercise and helps to keep it healthy.

Sleeping Aid

As mentioned before, an outdoor spa can relax anyone after a long day. This is more than just mental relaxation because hot water helps to relax your muscles. The muscle relaxation in turn can help you feel more relaxed and make you tired, helping you to sleep better. It is also easier to sleep on relaxed muscles versus tense ones. Just make sure not to fall asleep in the spa tub itself.

Blood Pressure

For people who struggle with hypertension or are at risk for heart disease, an outdoor spa might be a good investment. Sitting in a spa tub can actually help to lower your blood pressure. This is because the increase that it has on your heart rate in turn lowers blood pressure.

Weight Loss

Sitting in a spa tub can be similar to sitting in a sauna because it can cause you to sweat. Regularly sitting in spa tubs can actually help you to burn calories and lose some weight. Studies also show that an outdoor spa can help to reduce blood sugar levels for those suffering from diabetes.

Stress Relief

Stress can take a toll on both your physical and mental health. Regularly soaking in an outdoor spa helps to take the edge off after a stressful day. It relaxes your body and your mind, which helps to relieve unwanted stress. Stress reduction can have great benefits on your health.

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